March 2017

When Tiffany Myers was told she would need to deliver her baby via cesarean section at just 30 weeks pregnant, she was shocked. “I had just gotten off the phone with my family telling them I was alright and that I wasn’t delivering the baby yet,” shares Tiffany. “So I had to call my family back and tell them to start heading to the hospital in Tulsa because the doctor needed to deliver my baby within the hour.”

Earlier that same day, Tiffany and her husband had driven to Wagoner from their hometown in Cushing for vacation. “We go to the lake every year with our family and decided to... Read More »

Along with the joys of motherhood are the potential challenges. For first time mom Kimberly Mayfield, breastfeeding her daughter Analise was the least of her worries.

“Everyone made it seem like your body would just know how to breastfeed, and that it would not be as hard as you think,” says Kimberly. “I thought whenever the baby is hungry I would feed her, and that is all breastfeeding is.”

Shortly after giving birth, Kimberly soon learned that breastfeeding was much different than what she expected; her excitement for nursing turned into a challenge for her and baby Analise... Read More »