The Big Moment: Creative Ways for Revealing Baby's Gender

We love suspense. When it comes to finding out the sex of your baby, there are few things more thrilling. For most expectant couples, the big reveal happens around the 20 week ultrasound. After counting fingers and toes, the next question is usually “Is it a boy or a girl?” In recent years, couples have discovered it is even more exciting to share the big surprise with family and friends. Gender parties are a big hit and there are some pretty creative ways to reveal the gender of the baby.

Balloons – A carefully filled and sealed box with either blue or pink balloons is a great way to share the sex of your baby with friends and family at a baby shower. With a big count down, guests and parents wait until the moment the box is opened and balloons fill the sky.


Cake – Once a decorative and sweet addition to the baby shower, cake has become a centerpiece at gender reveal parties. Following the ultrasound, the news is relayed to the bakery, where the pink or blue batter will be chosen. The big secret is covered by a thick layer of neutral frosting to keep guests guessing right up until the end. Cut into the cake and the gender is revealed for everyone!


Pick a Team – Without hosting a gender reveal party, friends and family are naturally inclined to share their guess. Some say girl, others say boy. This theme party allowed guests to pick a team, sporting a blue or pink ribbon and tallying the score. They made it a little more interesting by sharing cravings of both the parents during the pregnancy. At the end, the winning team was announced.

Say it with Pictures – Why not tell everyone at once, but keep them guessing all the way? That’s what this couple did with a creative gender announcement using a series of pictures. Will it be the pink balloon or the blue balloon? Gender announcements, along with gender parties, are quickly becoming a popular way to share the big news!



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