Designing a Nursery

Nurseries have certainly come a long way. For first-time parents scrolling through Pinterest, it can be a bit intimidating. Just a glance at the popular blog “Project Nursery” and their “Most Viewed Nurseries of 2012” will reveal image after image of perfectly appointed spaces that rival what used to be the premiere room of the house, the master bedroom. With more choices than pink or blue paint for the walls, parents are creating nurseries which almost reflect their baby’s personality before they even make their big arrival.

So if you don’t know where to start, one mom blogger offers tips for designing the perfect nursery for you and your baby without getting overwhelmed. Her first rule is to keep calm, and by that she means the décor in the room should be soothing. Babies are taking in all the sights and sounds of their environment at warp speed. Create a room that gives your baby a break from the stimulus and allows them to focus on one thing at a time. For example, if you hang a mobile over the bed, the blogger suggests hanging one you can detach when they need a little more visual space.

Other rules include keeping surfaces clear of little knickknacks. While they are adorable, they take away crucial space that baby necessities such as diapers, wipes and ointments require. She also advises to carefully consider the rocker. With midnight feedings and drowsy days, new moms need a comfortable rocker that actually rocks and doesn’t just look good sitting in the corner. Controlling light and noise are big items on her list as well. Not all babies can sleep through anything. Make sure you have created a calm, quite and dark nursery to help your baby get the best sleep.

If you’re tired of pink and blue, a new color has made quite an impression this year. Emerald is the official Pantone color of 2013 and there are some great ways to incorporate this striking color into nurseries for both girls and boys. From a simple piece of art to a statement furniture piece, emerald in the nursery is a great gender-neutral option for parents.

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